At GPCL we offer a wide range of certification, consultation, mitigation and testing services:compatibility, mechanical design, product safety, and telecommunications network interconnection. GPCL regularly evaluates products for telecommunications, wireless, and information technology markets, both domestic and international, testing to standards developed by ANSI, ACA, Telcordia, CENELEC, CISPR, CSA, UL, ETSI, IEC, VDE, organizations and others.

Computational Engineering Analysis
The Computational Engineering Analysis Group offers engineering consulting services for product development, research, and testing organizations. The services include engineering analysis using an integrated numerical approach incorporating computational physics modeling (Finite Element or Finite Volume) techniques and Design-of-Experiments (DOE) methodologies. This “virtual” robust product design approach is used to assess product performance, functionality, and reliability through the simulation and prediction of design margins.
We offer a full complement of vibration, shock, and other dynamic tests to Commercial and International requirements in its Dynamic Test Laboratory. Dynamic Testing is necessary to ensure products will function as designed during transportation, installation, and throughout the product’s life when installed in its intended environment. Products typically evaluated include integrated circuits, circuit packs, shelves, indoor type frames and cabinets, and outdoor type cabinets.
Electromagnetic Compatibility
We provide complete product testing to Electromagnetic Compatibility regulations to ensure the electrical equipment is safe and does not interfere with the normal operation of other equipment.
We offer Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)/Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) at our Murray Hill facility.
Network Equipment Building Systems
We provide complete testing to the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) requirements for products to ensure the product is safe and does not interfere with the reliable operation of the network. NEBS compliance is a critical issue to service providers evaluating the suitability of products for use in their networks.
Product Safety
We have the expertise and test facilities to evaluate products to the appropriate national and international product safety standards. The GPCL can assist clients in the successful, expedient introduction of products to the market place. The test facilities accommodate a diverse range of products, and our staff has access to the latest regulatory information.
Telecommunication Network Interconnection
The Telecommunications Network Interconnection (TNI) group provides complete testing to Telecommunications Network Interconnection regulations to ensure the product will not cause harm to the telecommunications network or network personnel. The GPCL provides design consultation, testing, mitigation and liaison services with certifying agencies.
We offer a full complement of temperature, humidity, and thermal shock test capabilities to Commercial and International requirements in its Thermal Test Laboratory.