Telecommunications Network Interconnection

The Nokia Global Product Compliance Laboratory (GPCL), Telecommunications Network Interconnection (TNI) group provides complete testing to Telecommunications Network Interconnection regulations to ensure the product will not cause harm to the telecommunications network or network personnel. The GPCL provides design consultation, testing, mitigation and liaison services with certifying agencies.

The GPCL test facilities accommodate a diverse range of telecommunications products and the staff has the expertise to quickly and efficiently guide the product to the market place.

Telecommunications Network Interconnection requirements are grouped into the following general categories:

  • Hazardous voltages and currents which could damage equipment or injure people
  • Signal level power limitations to prevent overloading and crosstalk
  • On-hook impedance limitations which facilitate proper maintenance audits and assures ringer consistency
  • Line balance to prevent hum and crosstalk
  • Billing protection
  • Digital pulse shapes and characteristics

Telecommunications devices connected to a network must comply with the requirements of the country where the product is marketed. These regulations ensure operability, protect the network from harm, protect network personnel, are country specific, and vary worldwide.

Typical telecommunications equipment required to meet the TNI regulations include:

  • Telephones (analog and digital)
  • Telephones, cordless
  • T1/E1
  • Monitoring systems
  • Facsimiles and XDSL
  • Modems (analog)
  • Answering machines
  • Alarm systems
  • Switching systems
  • ISDN
  • Optical to International Requirements

The GPCL Telecommunications Network Interconnection test facilities are capable of evaluating products to the following qualifications:

  • Administrative Council for Terminal Attachment (Formerly FCC Part 68) for U.S. (NVLAP)
  • CS-03 for Canada (CAB ID# US0147)
  • ACA – AUSTEL Accredited
  • Europe – Conformity Assessment
  • Telcordia NEBS
  • ITU Standards