Thermal Testing

The Nokia Global Product Compliance Laboratory (GPCL) offers a full complement of temperature, humidity, and thermal shock test capabilities to Commercial, Military, and International requirements in its Thermal Test Laboratory.

The Thermal Test Chambers are provided with microprocessor controlled data acquisition to monitor and record environmental variables.


Large Thermal Test Chambers

The Thermal Laboratory Testing capabilities include:

  • Constant temperature life testing, aging
  • Temperature
  • Thermal shock
  • Temperature/humidity profile
  • Mission profile simulation
  • Ice accumulation
  • End-of-life robustness, product improvement

The Thermal Laboratory equipment capabilities are:

  • Thermal Test Chambers – Twenty four thermal test chambers capable of simulating environments from -73º to +125ºC (-100º F to +257º F) at 5 % to 95 % relative humidity and cycle rates up to 45ºC (81º F) per minute.
  • The thermal test chambers range in size from 2 cubic feet to 1,000 cubic feet and are equipped with 24 hour, 7-day alarm monitoring, over temperature sentries to protect customer equipment, and up to 250 channels of thermal data collection.
  • Other capabilities – Include Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) tests to determine product reliability.

Large Walk-In Temperature Chambers


Small Temperature Chambers